Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Lee

Hey guys!

It's been an amazing year for this little creative space of mine. I am humbled and completely gobsmacked that people seem to like my designs and my lettering. This year I began teaching lettering classes, did three tv spots for Studio 5, and began my own website separate from my Etsy shop! ALL of which were HUGE steps out of my comfort zone.

I never in a million years thought I could be doing something so cool while staying home and being a mom to my two kids. They are my most important work...and in coming months I might have to adjust things with my shop so that my work load doesn't become so overwhelming that I neglect them. That's always been the beauty of my little online shop, is that I can control how much I give, and how much it takes from me. If that makes any sense. 

In any case, while I am so excited to have so many more of you here with me and following on my Instagram...this means more work! So, be patient with me while I try to find the balance and what that means for my shop and for my family.

In the meantime....I wanted to share a free hand - lettered piece with you. Just print, and display in your home to remind you of our Savior, who is the reason we take time to slow down, do less and love more this time of year. He truly is the Prince of Peace.

Love you guys. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year


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